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Who I am

May 6, 2013

Most people who know me, I am a simple person. Simply put, I am a child of God, wife and mom. Am I perfect at any of them?  NO way!  I work on it daily. It is part of being a woman. We are to grow and change daily when we learn from our mistakes. I wanted to make a small post showing you a little more about me and who I am.  Below is some of my favorite and least favorite things, in no specific order.

Coffee – I LOVE coffee. I must say I am addicted. I must have a minimum of two cups daily. If I don’t, I am grumpy and later in the day, I will have a headache.

Homesteading – I have been enjoying learning more about homesteading. My goal is to be self sufficient in the next couple of years in most areas.

Gardening – LOVE growing a garden, though I hate the weeding. I enjoy being able to provide healthy foods for my family with a little hard work.  Our kids have really enjoyed it too.

Sewing and Quilting – I wish I had more time to do it. I enjoy every moment of sewing and quilting.  I hope that I will be able to get back to it more in the next year or two.

Homeschooling – This is not an easy task being a homeschool mom. I would never trade being a homeschooling family. Though homeschooling, I have been able to witness my children growing and learning in ways you cannot when you send them to school.

Black – It is my favorite color. Most of my local friends, know this. I pretty much am always wearing black. I really love black and white damasks patterns.

My Family – They are very important to me. They come first in my life. Our son just officially turned 5 years old last week and our daughter is 6.5 years old.  Mike and I have been married 13.5 years and together 14.25 years. Our family is not perfect, but we love it.

Pioneer Club Teacher – This past fall/winter I became a Pioneer Club teacher and I have enjoyed teaching and watching my class grow, become friends and learn more about God.

Change in Diet – I have been learning to change my daily diet and though it is a struggle at times, I am enjoying it. I have many more changes to make, but I am on the right track.  My goal is for more healthy food snacks and food and no processed foods loaded full of preservatives.

Jewelry – I have developed a love for it and I want more.

Thirty-One Gifts – I have fallen in love with their products. I wish I had more funds to buy a ton more.

Spelling and Grammar – I dislike both. I have never been good at either, I know it shows on my blog. I have learned to realize that as of right now, there isn’t much I can do about it. I will do my best to learn as life goes on. I have decided that when it is time to teach my kiddos spelling and grammar in school, I will learn right there with them. One more beauty of homeschooling.

My camera – I have recently purchased a new camera and I love it!  I have been shooting with a Cannon Rebel T3i. I have a ton to learn about it and about photography. As of right now, I am working on it daily, weekly and monthly.

Cleaning – I really dislike it. I love the results, just hate the task of cleaning.

Laundry  – Truly hate doing laundry. Wouldn’t it be more fun to just go buy new clothes weekly for the new week? Sadly, that is not realistic for normal people, but a girl can dream right?

I am sure there are many other things I can add to this list. For now I will end here.


New Life…

May 2, 2013

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.  ~W.E. Johns, The Passing Show

Winter is over and spring is here. I can’t believe that it is time for preparing for our yearly garden. Each and every year we plant a nice size garden. This year my sister-in-law (SIL) and I will be working as a team. We will be planting two gardens this year. One at my father in law’s (FIL) and one at her house for a grand total of 1,590 sq ft of garden space. We have begun the process of planning. Sadly, our current garden sizes are not big enough for our needs, today we have a meeting to see what we can do about it.  SIL has begun the process of planting seeds and growing our own plants. In March, they began to sprout and we did the happy dance. Our family LOVES to see the new life that comes from something as simple as seed becoming a plant.

Now that the plants have begun to sprout, we have been waiting for the weather to be right to till the ground. At that time the real work will begin. I can’t wait to get out into the fresh brown till ground. There is something about being barefoot in the freshly tilled ground and planting beautiful green plants. I am completely energized from this time, It is sort of like a new life is given to me. We will spend hours planning, planting, working and harvesting. Then the cycle will start all over in the spring again.

This year we have a decent list of items we plan to plant, for now I will share some pictures from March and April when the seeds began to sprout. Thank you to my SIL for taking the pics.  As we plant our garden, I will share the complete list with you.





















It has been too long…

April 19, 2013

It has been five months since my last official blog post. I can’t believe it has been that long. If I would say life hasn’t been crazy, I would be lying. We have been super busy around here and I have barely had time for things I want to do. I am changing my priorities and scheduling time for me. I would like to start my “I am back” blog post with an update of what has been going on the last five months.

  • Homeschooling  – We have had an amazing year with homeschooling all around. Alaina (1st grade) has learned to read and comprehend what she is reading. She is excelling in Singapore Math and loves it. I have found, she dislikes journalism. LOVES art and sadly we do not do it enough. She has come to enjoy her handwriting sheets, which she disliked at the start of the year. Thomas (preschool) has learned all his letters and can write most of them with little thought, capital and lower case. He knows all his numbers. He loves phonics. He is about half way through a kindergarten level phonics program and just asks for more sheets. It has come to our attention he truly dislikes coloring. I believe it is boring to him and that hinders his desire to color.
  • Operation Remodel – This has been our biggest adventure since my last blog post. We have been remodeling the inside of our house. It is amazing to see the transformation. We have completely redone the Dinning Room, Living Room (which I am proud to say I did completely on my own), Full Bath and School Room. The dinning room actually was completed over the summer. We have also redone the half bath, which I believe was the winter of 2011.  (pictures to coming soon)
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – We enjoyed another beautiful holiday season.
  • Baseball – Thomas has joined baseball this year for the first time. He is super excited. He will be playing for a Christian league called Warriors of Faith Sports Ministry. We discovered that at each practice, they begin with a small devotion and a little prayer. They also end every practice with a prayer.
  • Pioneer Clubs – Though Pioneer Clubs began in October, we have been busy with them. This past fall, I became the teacher to the kindergarten through third graders. We have our weekly meetings, we have went bowling, had a few parties and developed amazing relationships with the kids and their parents. It has been a blast.
  • Friendships – We have built an amazing friendship with another family. The best part is this friendship started with our two daughters becoming friends at church. We have truly been blessed by God with this relationship.
  • Family Pictures – We have once again been blessed to have our families pictures to be taken by Beauty By Grace Photography. If you are looking amazing family pictures, please check them out. I will be posting some of these pictures in a future post. Here are two of my many favorites. You will see the others appear all over my blog.



  • Vacation – It is official our family went on our very first family vacation.  I know you are thinking really your first, yes it was our first.  It was a blast. Went spent a weekend off-season at Ocean City, Maryland. All four of us really enjoyed this time. We actually have a another trip planned for May, we are excited to be able to share this vacation for half the time with my parents. What amazing memories we will be building.

For now that is my update.

Under Construction….

March 19, 2013

New posts coming in April 2013.

What on earth are we eating this week…

November 3, 2012

Since I have had a bad habit of misplacing our weekly menu lately, I am going to start posting them here. I am hoping it will also help me stick t then better. Over all I do very well, though I have exchanged meals from time to time. My menu is a plan and I may change it up a little if our schedule changes or our cravings get the better of us. Whatever meals we do not eat this week will appear again on next weeks menu. Enjoy seeing our meals.


November 3-9 2012

Worthy Wednesday

October 10, 2012

“He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of full respect.” – 1 Timothy 3:4

There has been a picture going around Facebook that says something like: ‘We talk about leaving a better world for our children. Why don’t we worry about leaving better children for our world.’  I couldn’t agree more with this quote. Mike and I have seen to many people being disrespectful to others, yet expect respect in return. I personally do not understand that. If you do not show respect, how can you expect it in return.

In our house we expect our children to be respectful. If they are not respectful to others, they will be disciplined for it.  The form of discipline depends on the situation and how they were being disrespectful. Simply put, the punishment must fit the crime. Alaina and Thomas both know we are to treat others with respect. Yet, they are not always respectful. Sometimes it is just them being shy, tired, being silly without realizing they are being disrespectful in doing so.  Sometimes it is just a habit reaction and at times they are reacting to how they are being treated.

Think of a time when your children have been disrespectful to you. Does this time remind you of you or your spouse. Immediately, I think of how Alaina rolls her eyes at me. When she does this, I view this as being disrespectful. After thinking about this more, it dawned on me, she learned this from me. Yes, I take full responsibility on this one.  After seeing this over and over with Alaina, I realized I am rolling my eyes at my husband. Only then, I realized how disrespectful I was being to him. Sadly, I was teaching my daughter this disrespect. How can I expect my children to be respectful to me, if I was being disrespectful to their father.  Mike is more than worthy of our full respect. He is an amazing husband. He works hard, loves us deeply, loves God and will do anything for us. Then why, am I, at times treating him like is not worthy of my respect.  Plainly, the answer is because I am sinner. I completely respect my husband, yet at times, I do not show it. No wonder, I feel disrespected by my children at times. I am not showing them in all situations.  Here is a man who is worthy of my respect and I am not giving it to him all the time. Why should they give me respect at all times?

This scripture is a good reminder that, I need to change my actions. If I want respect from my children, I need to show respect to everyone in my life. This even means be respectful to my children in all situations, even in times of discipline. I believe I roll my eyes most, when I disagree or find myself irritated with Mike. If Mike does not lose my respect when I am irritated at him or disagree with him. Then why do I show him disrespect.  I need to change how I react and show proper feelings, not convey disrespect to him. By doing this, I will teach my children to respect others in all situations.

When it is said and done, until I show my husband the full respect he is worthy at all times, I can not require full respect from my children. This does not mean I let them be disrespectful to me until then.  It just means, I need to discipline myself as I would my children, if not more. After all they learn from watching their parents.

Are you worthy of respect?

Transformation Tuesday

October 9, 2012

Welcome to my very first Transformation Tuesday. As I mentioned back on in September in my Weekly Plans post. Transformation Tuesday will start to be a day, I pick something that needs transformed.  It could be the pantry, a kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity, my makeup basket, the kids rooms, our dressers, school room, new bedding or curtains.  Sometimes a big project and sometimes something little. It depends on my mood and what it the most needing of transformation.  My goal is to simplify and organize to make life easier, all on a minimal budget.

My first project was the pantry. This is an area has been driving me crazy.  When we bought this house seven years ago, I fell in love with my pantry. The closeness to the kitchen and the roll out shelves.  Over the last seven years, I have come to hate this cabinet. I have yet found something that will work.  It has become an area that sadly, we use to hide items. Today, I worked on transforming this cabinet space. It needed to be come more functional for our family. I hope that the changes that have been made, will help me enjoy the space again.



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