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It has been too long…

April 19, 2013

It has been five months since my last official blog post. I can’t believe it has been that long. If I would say life hasn’t been crazy, I would be lying. We have been super busy around here and I have barely had time for things I want to do. I am changing my priorities and scheduling time for me. I would like to start my “I am back” blog post with an update of what has been going on the last five months.

  • Homeschooling  – We have had an amazing year with homeschooling all around. Alaina (1st grade) has learned to read and comprehend what she is reading. She is excelling in Singapore Math and loves it. I have found, she dislikes journalism. LOVES art and sadly we do not do it enough. She has come to enjoy her handwriting sheets, which she disliked at the start of the year. Thomas (preschool) has learned all his letters and can write most of them with little thought, capital and lower case. He knows all his numbers. He loves phonics. He is about half way through a kindergarten level phonics program and just asks for more sheets. It has come to our attention he truly dislikes coloring. I believe it is boring to him and that hinders his desire to color.
  • Operation Remodel – This has been our biggest adventure since my last blog post. We have been remodeling the inside of our house. It is amazing to see the transformation. We have completely redone the Dinning Room, Living Room (which I am proud to say I did completely on my own), Full Bath and School Room. The dinning room actually was completed over the summer. We have also redone the half bath, which I believe was the winter of 2011.  (pictures to coming soon)
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – We enjoyed another beautiful holiday season.
  • Baseball – Thomas has joined baseball this year for the first time. He is super excited. He will be playing for a Christian league called Warriors of Faith Sports Ministry. We discovered that at each practice, they begin with a small devotion and a little prayer. They also end every practice with a prayer.
  • Pioneer Clubs – Though Pioneer Clubs began in October, we have been busy with them. This past fall, I became the teacher to the kindergarten through third graders. We have our weekly meetings, we have went bowling, had a few parties and developed amazing relationships with the kids and their parents. It has been a blast.
  • Friendships – We have built an amazing friendship with another family. The best part is this friendship started with our two daughters becoming friends at church. We have truly been blessed by God with this relationship.
  • Family Pictures – We have once again been blessed to have our families pictures to be taken by Beauty By Grace Photography. If you are looking amazing family pictures, please check them out. I will be posting some of these pictures in a future post. Here are two of my many favorites. You will see the others appear all over my blog.



  • Vacation – It is official our family went on our very first family vacation.  I know you are thinking really your first, yes it was our first.  It was a blast. Went spent a weekend off-season at Ocean City, Maryland. All four of us really enjoyed this time. We actually have a another trip planned for May, we are excited to be able to share this vacation for half the time with my parents. What amazing memories we will be building.

For now that is my update.

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