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Worthy Wednesday

October 10, 2012

“He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of full respect.” – 1 Timothy 3:4

There has been a picture going around Facebook that says something like: ‘We talk about leaving a better world for our children. Why don’t we worry about leaving better children for our world.’  I couldn’t agree more with this quote. Mike and I have seen to many people being disrespectful to others, yet expect respect in return. I personally do not understand that. If you do not show respect, how can you expect it in return.

In our house we expect our children to be respectful. If they are not respectful to others, they will be disciplined for it.  The form of discipline depends on the situation and how they were being disrespectful. Simply put, the punishment must fit the crime. Alaina and Thomas both know we are to treat others with respect. Yet, they are not always respectful. Sometimes it is just them being shy, tired, being silly without realizing they are being disrespectful in doing so.  Sometimes it is just a habit reaction and at times they are reacting to how they are being treated.

Think of a time when your children have been disrespectful to you. Does this time remind you of you or your spouse. Immediately, I think of how Alaina rolls her eyes at me. When she does this, I view this as being disrespectful. After thinking about this more, it dawned on me, she learned this from me. Yes, I take full responsibility on this one.  After seeing this over and over with Alaina, I realized I am rolling my eyes at my husband. Only then, I realized how disrespectful I was being to him. Sadly, I was teaching my daughter this disrespect. How can I expect my children to be respectful to me, if I was being disrespectful to their father.  Mike is more than worthy of our full respect. He is an amazing husband. He works hard, loves us deeply, loves God and will do anything for us. Then why, am I, at times treating him like is not worthy of my respect.  Plainly, the answer is because I am sinner. I completely respect my husband, yet at times, I do not show it. No wonder, I feel disrespected by my children at times. I am not showing them in all situations.  Here is a man who is worthy of my respect and I am not giving it to him all the time. Why should they give me respect at all times?

This scripture is a good reminder that, I need to change my actions. If I want respect from my children, I need to show respect to everyone in my life. This even means be respectful to my children in all situations, even in times of discipline. I believe I roll my eyes most, when I disagree or find myself irritated with Mike. If Mike does not lose my respect when I am irritated at him or disagree with him. Then why do I show him disrespect.  I need to change how I react and show proper feelings, not convey disrespect to him. By doing this, I will teach my children to respect others in all situations.

When it is said and done, until I show my husband the full respect he is worthy at all times, I can not require full respect from my children. This does not mean I let them be disrespectful to me until then.  It just means, I need to discipline myself as I would my children, if not more. After all they learn from watching their parents.

Are you worthy of respect?

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