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Transformation Tuesday

October 9, 2012

Welcome to my very first Transformation Tuesday. As I mentioned back on in September in my Weekly Plans post. Transformation Tuesday will start to be a day, I pick something that needs transformed.  It could be the pantry, a kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity, my makeup basket, the kids rooms, our dressers, school room, new bedding or curtains.  Sometimes a big project and sometimes something little. It depends on my mood and what it the most needing of transformation.  My goal is to simplify and organize to make life easier, all on a minimal budget.

My first project was the pantry. This is an area has been driving me crazy.  When we bought this house seven years ago, I fell in love with my pantry. The closeness to the kitchen and the roll out shelves.  Over the last seven years, I have come to hate this cabinet. I have yet found something that will work.  It has become an area that sadly, we use to hide items. Today, I worked on transforming this cabinet space. It needed to be come more functional for our family. I hope that the changes that have been made, will help me enjoy the space again.



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