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Weekly plans

September 19, 2012

Back in July, I posted my Chore and Wellness Cards.  I wanted to update you on these.  I have found they work really well on keeping me on track with my daily chores. I have one issue.  They need to be bigger and one-sided.  With them currently being double-sided, I tend to forget the wellness side or when I do remember the marker wears off.  I will be working on updating these cards to an 8.5″x11″ size. I will include the Chore Tasks and Wellness on the front. I will also add more space for extras.  Once I update, I will share them with you.

While I am working on the new Chore and Wellness Cards, I will be adding a feature section to my cards.  These feature sections will be dedicated to regular miscellaneous tasks.  The last couple of weeks, I have truly been annoyed with how disorganized my kitchen is.  I feel like it is a constant battle.  When it is said and done, I think it is because, I have never had a proper organized kitchen or one that is easy to maintain.  It also means I need to minimize what we have.  As I realized I needed to recreate my Chore and Wellness Cards, I decided I need to add this stuff to my cards.  Then it became the question of how.  Finally, it dawned on me.  The solution is one day at a time. Once I figured out which days I could not add extra task too, it started to come together.  Tuesday will become Transformation Tuesday and Thursday will be Trash or Treasure Thursday.

Transformation Tuesday will start to be a day, I pick something that needs transformed.  It could be the pantry, a kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity, my makeup basket, the kids rooms, our dressers, school room, new bedding or curtains.  Sometimes a big project and sometimes something little. It depends on my mood and what it the most needing of transformation.  My goal is to simplify, organize to make life easier, all on a minimal budget.

Trash or Treasure Thursday will become my day to declutter my house.  I will attempt to Donate, Sell or Throw away items we are not using or do not need.  Friday is our garbage day, which means the items I selected to throw away will be gone with in 24 hours.  Items we choose to donate will also have  a goal of leaving our house with in 24 hours.  Lastly, items I plan to sell will be listed for sale on Thursday, with the hope of it being sold and/or gone by the following Trash or Treasure Thursday.  I will need to purchase three bins to handle these items. The question will become where to put these bins, so they do not cause more clutter, yet  the items in them are not forgotten about.

Will you join me? I am hoping, I am not the only person that has areas of the house that need organization or items that need to be trashed, donated or sold.


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