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More by my hands

September 17, 2012

I love to can, yet this year I have not canned as much as I would have liked.  I do believe that babysitting hindered this mission.  For the last couple of months of babysitting, I would tell people once I am done babysitting, I will be making many more things from scratch.  This has not happened yet.  This is about to change.  The question was where to start.  After some time of thinking, I believe my answer is bread.  We buy at least one loaf of bread a week.  Which means this is one thing I can make for my family.  It will not only be more nutritious, but a sense of more self sufficiency. Now with carpal tunnel, I can forget kneading bread by hand.  I guess I need to find a KitchenAid mixer friendly recipe.  I am setting myself a new goal.  Master homemade white bread by the end of the year.  This leaves me roughly 3.5 months to accomplish this.  I think this is possible.  Once I have mastered white bread, I will try my hand at whole wheat bread.

Our family loves the homemade Amish bread.  It is light and airy with a beautiful brown crust. Both are something I have yet accomplished.  This afternoon, I will be making two types of bread. One is just the most yummy pumpkin bread, you know it is fall after all.  Second is some white bread.  If you have a yummy tried and true white bread your family loves, that is light, airy and has a beautiful brown crust.  Please share it with me.  Any bread making types are welcome as well. I really want to learn.

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