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Just another over due project

August 1, 2012

As many woman, I have a long wish list of things, I would like to accomplish.  For me, I have been wanting to create a recipe binder.  Here is the problem, I am a perfectionist for stuff like this.  I want it all to be neatly typed up, in a consistent style.  Sadly, the other problem is, I haven’t figured out what it should look like.  I have started this project several times in the past and have always failed in completing it for one reason or another.  With my goal of becoming more organized and Pinterest, this project is now back on the list to do.

I was surfing Pinterest one day and found this beautiful pin of a recipe binder.  I immediately fell in love with the looks of this binder.  This binder can be found at All Things Simple blog in her post called:  Family Favorites Recipe Book.  Now, I am going to be honest, I have not read anything else on her blog.  I typically do not like to link to other blogs that I have not read much on.  I do not know what they are posting or if I would recommend the rest of this blog. If it is anything like her Family Favorites Recipe Book post, I will love it.   I do ask that you proceed through her blog with this in mind.  As I have time, I plan to explore her blog a bit more and see if I want to continue to link to her blog for this post. If not, this post will be completely removed or totally revised.

Why do I like this Recipe Binder?  I think it is simple and easy to accomplish. Beautiful as well.

What is my plan of action for making this project complete?  Since I do not have a ton of free time, I plan to handle it one recipe at a time.  You know that miscellaneous section of my chore cards?  I will add “type up 3 recipes” to that section two or three times a week.  As I try a new recipe, I will either print it and insert for future typing or type it up right away. I also plan to add all recipes to sheet protectors.  Why? It is to simply avoid food splashes on my actual recipes when cooking.  A good cook is a messy cook in our house.  Below you will find samples of my cover sheet, section dividers and table of contents.  I am super excited about moving forward on this project and see it complete.










What project do you have that is over due or forgotten?

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  1. August 1, 2012 9:52 am

    Ahhhh…yes, the messy family cookbook. Your grandmother has one that is in a tiny little multi ringed binder and written by her own hand. It’s been used so much that it’s yellowed, messy and coming apart- she holds it together with a red rubber band. Some day I hope it will become mine so I can share it with my daughters.

    I still remember my promise to create a Christmas cookie recipe binder to share. Are you making it in a three ring binder? If so, you could add other family faves from when you were growing up. This would make a great opportunity to bless you with- I can type some (after the move) and you can choose to add them.

    Loving your posts!!! It’s like spending a little bit of time each day with you:)

  2. August 1, 2012 7:44 pm

    Yes it will be a three ring binder. I was thinking of making the Christmas cookie recipes I use in my household running binder and in the sweets section of my recipe binder.

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