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Daily Tasks for Children

July 31, 2012

“I learned the value of hard work, by working hard.” – Margret Fitzpatrick

Alaina and Thomas currently have it pretty easy around the house. No daily chores to do. Don’t get me wrong, they help clean up the mess they make.  We just have not had a set schedule for chores.  That is all about to change.  Mid-August I will be instituting daily tasks and chores for both Alaina and Thomas.  I am going to guess this will be super exciting for a couple of days and then become a daily battle for a few weeks to months.  Eventually, I see it becoming a routine, the will be in a habit of.  My goal is teach my children that hard work will pay off and is required in life.  If they work hard they will be rewarded.  We are instituting two types of lists.  One will be a daily task list and the other will be a chores list.  The difference will be that they will be rewarded either financially or with rewards for their chores, not their daily tasks.

Why the difference?  We would like your children to learn that some work is just part of life and not rewarded with a physical or monetary reward.  It is called being part of the family.  These tasks are what we will be referring to as Daily Tasks.  These tasks will include simple self-care items and basic cleaning up items to help keep their room tidy.  Chores are items our children will either receive a monetary reward or a special reward.  I am still working on deciding which we will do, how we will do it.

In keeping a simple organization in our house, I have created my Daily Task cards for both of them.  These cards are similar to my Chore Cards.  I will also laminate these and they will use dry erase markers to mark off which tasks they have completed.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be forming a list of chores for my children and creating chore cards for those tasks.  These cards will be slightly different.

Without further to do, my children’s daily task cards.



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