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Chore and Wellness Cards

July 30, 2012

I found myself more excited about the chore cards than I thought.  I was able to completely create all seven of them in less than twenty-four hours of my last blog post.  I also added a wellness card.  I tend to not do very well at remember all three dose of my vitamins or drink enough water in a day etc…  I hope seeing these items on a To Do List will help me become more discipline on taking care of my wellness.  I have learned, if I do not take care of me, I am no good to my family.  My health and wellness must become a priority.

My mom picked up a lamination machine for me the other day and I will see her mid-August.  After I pick this up, I will print and laminate my chore cards with a wellness card on the back. Every day, I will use a dry erase marker to mark off my completed tasks. I am hoping this will help organize my daily life and help me stick to a better schedule.  One step closer to home organization and routines here.

Here are my Chore Cards:

Last, but not least, my Wellness Cards:


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