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One Step to a Smaller Me – Update

July 20, 2012

Tomorrow, I will begin another round of phase two of my hCG Diet.  I figured I would give an update of my time while off the diet. I still stand behind this diet for me personally. I have successfully maintained my weight loss of 30 pounds. I still weigh myself daily and find I do fluctuated some. Some days my total weight loss would only be 28 pounds and others it is 32. I am more than happy with that. I have been able to enjoy things like cake, cheesecake, pretzels, chips, ice cream as well while maintaining. I do not get to enjoy them as much as I would like, BUT I have not really stopped myself from either. I do believe, I am just more aware of what I am eating. I make sure I do my best to analysis my reasons for hunger. Am I bored? Am I just depressed? Am I lonely? Or am I truly hungry? Then I decide if I will eat my oh so big craving or find an alternative or just completely avoid food at this moment. I truly believe this has helped me maintain my weight loss.

As I approach tomorrow, I realize I have some major changes to make again. I need to make sure I am eating my fruits, vegetables and meats that is legal on my diet in the portions I am allowed. I also am aware that since I have about 10-25 pounds to lose yet. (This is according to what my ideal weight should be.) Doesn’t mean I am aiming for another 25 pounds. I have a goal of 15-20 more pounds. Not only am I going to go on the hCG diet, I plan to add exercise to my 30 days. Yep you read that right, I have not exercised at all during my weight loss up until now.  With one exception, my attempt at running for about two weeks. This diet really does do the reshaping it talks about. I am not totally blind to the fact, I need to workout as well. I am not going to work on a specific video or routine. I will be doing something daily. I will rotate between videos I already own, an app my on phone, videos on Netflix and just simple workouts I know my body needs. Hopefully by going down this road, I can avoid boredom and the typical fade out of working out.

I am planning to update my blog more often with my progress this time around. I am pretty sure this will be the most difficult round of my diet. I am nearing my goal weight, which alone will slow the speed of weight loss. I hate working out and can have a million excuses of why not to. Not to mention I am going to be back to eating a very low variety of foods. Wish me luck and say a prayer for me to stand strong and determined during my next 30 days. Now all this said…. BRING ON MY GORGE DAYS!!!!

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