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May 2012 Menu Plan

May 3, 2012

I finally finished my May menu plan.  With me being on my diet, I will sadly not be partaking in all the meals, but most of them I should be able to eat some of it in my own little way.  HAHAHA!  Thought it be good to also updated you on how we did with out goal of No Eating Out in April.  We did pretty good.  If I reviewed the checkbook correctly, it looks like we did end up eating out 4 times all month.  One of which was per Thomas’s request for his birthday.  How can you deny a little boy on his birthday when he asked for breakfast.  Then one time it was poor planning on my part when we ran out to go get something.

Enjoy seeing what we will be eating in May.  Also please do not tell Mike, but I have a goal of no eating out for May again.  He struggles with this goal and gets antsy, but I know he can do.  HAHAHA!!!

(click to enlarge)

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