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2012 Goals Update

May 3, 2012

My last goal up date was almost two months ago.  I do not feel like it has been that long, but apparently it has been.  Why do I like to do the goal updates?  I enjoying updating the list to help keep myself on track and it reminds myself of my goals regularly.

  • Wake up Monday through Friday at 6 am – This goal is pretty good.  I must admit I have changed my wake up time to 6:15 instead of 6:00.  Now today, I was up at 5:30.  This morning when my husband said goodbye for the day, I could not go back to sleep.  I really enjoyed being up that early.  I was able to spend time with Mike before work, I has peace and quite for my devotions and I had plenty of me time.
  • Plan meals more often –As you know I had been meal planning monthly and we have been doing really well with following through on that.  Today I will finish up my May calendar.
  • Tighten my Grocery budget from $75 to $60 a week – I have continued successfully sticking to the $60/week budget.  My plan for this week is to spend only $25.  I have a full freezer and pantry, which means I do not need much.  I still need to pick up milk, bread and produce.  I am guessing my produce for the week will be about $15-20 and the balance will be able to purchase my bread and milk.  Hoping to spend less than $25.00, but I am not going to cut myself short and find I am upset at going over.
  • Read 5 books this year – This goal has been accomplished.  I am currently almost finished my eighth book and have four more books on the list to read this year.  I would like to change my goal from 5 books to 15 books.
  • Quilt more – I have giving up on this goal.  Simply put, I do not have time to quilt.
  • Simplify my life – I have slowing been simplifying things.  I had not made as much progress as I would like.  I did manage to minimize the items we regularly keep on the kitchen counter.  Right now they are a mess, side effect for being away all day yesterday.  Later today they will be cleaned up again and I will be happy.
  • Loose 20 pounds – This goal has officially been met.  WOO HOO!  New weight loss goal will be an additional 20 pounds for a total of 40 pounds.  I know it can be done, and I know I will meet this goal!!!!

Upcoming post/s:  One Step at a Time to a Smaller Me Update and How to Save Money on Meat (Chicken).

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