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One Step at a Time to a Smaller Me – hCG Diet Phase 2 After Thoughts and Results

April 11, 2012

If you are following me on my One Step at a Time to a Smaller Me series, I wanted to give you an update on a one week post phase two and show you my results.  I am very happy to report that after 25 days on phase 2, I lost 18 pounds and 16.375″ over my entire body.  I say that is impressive for 25 days.  Yes I only completed this diet for 25 days instead of the 30 days.  The diet recommends you complete it for 30-45 days, but has to be completed for a minimum of 21 days.  When I realized Easter would be on my day 30 and since I would not have been able to Easter supper on Phase 2, I originally choose to end on day 29.  I ran out of drops around day 23 and since you need two days to come down off the drops, I was able to complete 25 days.  I now need to take a 6 week break between phase 2 rounds.  I am still 35 pounds from my goal weight.

Now for a visual of my results:

I am sure you are thinking, now you are off drops and eating a bit more calories, can you keep the weight off?  Yes, I truly believe I can.  I have learned some things over this week.  I have gained 1 pound back.  I am sure you are thinking how can you believe you can keep the weight off if you gained a pound back in one week.  I look at this past week as a learning curve. I learned that sugar and wheat based products are items I need to be very careful with.  This past week I allowed myself to have cheesecake, peanut butter eggs, spaghetti (twice), garlic bread and toast.  Well I do believe I allowed my body to have too much of these items, which caused the weight gain.  My goal this next week is to minimize my intake of sugar and wheat based products to see how it affects the scale.  I am positive that will make a huge difference.

Does this mean I can’t have sugar or wheat based products ever again?  No, not at all.  It just means, I need to be fully aware of my sugar and wheat intake for the rest of my life.  For some people that will seem like a huge sacrifice.  I just see it as a new part of my life and honestly something I should be minimizing anyway.  To much sugar and wheat isn’t good for a body anyway.  They are not something I believe you need to avoid all together but you should not be controlled by them, and I was being control.  I craved sugar and wheat products all the time and I would indulge myself on those products.  I need to learn to control them and not be controlled by them.  This will be an ongoing process for me.  Join me on my journey, I will have bumps along the way, but if I want to be a smaller me, I need to monitor my weight daily compared to my food then add and remove foods until I find what is good for my body.

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