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One Step at a Time to a Smaller Me

March 15, 2012

(SORRY IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE MY LAST POST, I have been struggling with finding time to type this post and just wanting to do it.)

As I mentioned in my most recent 2012 Goals Update that I have changed directions in my weight loss goal.  Today, I want to devote my blog post to my new plan.  I will break down my plan in several blog post.  I will talk about Phase One of this four phase plan.  A friend from high school has successfully done this program and she looks amazing.  Thanks to her and her mentoring and guidance, I have been successful to lose 5 pounds in one week and 8.875 inches over all from my body (this is during phase one).  I am sure you are like sure, sounds crazy, well that is what I thought, but I am telling you I have been very happy with this program so far.

What is the program, well I am following the diet in the book: The Weight Loss Cure; “They: Don’t Want You to Know About” written by Kevin Trudeau.  This book is amazingly insightful about how the food industry is causing us to be fat.  Yes, there are many more reasons beside the food industry that cause us to be fat.  They address these other reasons as well.  This book is not here to bash the food industry, just make some things clear.  It made me rethink some of the stuff we eat in our house.  As you read this book you will find good reasons why you will crave some of the foods you do.  I am not here to write a review on the book, but if you are serious to lose weight or just interested in learning about the food industry,  I highly recommend you purchase the book and read it your self.

All this information about the food industry and our food is great, but this doesn’t help you lose weight.  To a point it does, it makes you want to change types of food you eat and if you make the changes, you will find your self healthier.  In this book, you will find the outline and the do’s and don’ts of the hCG Diet.  I used to think the hCG diet was out of this world and crazy.  It is an extremely low-calorie diet, I am talking like 500 calories a day.  I know it sound crazy, trust me it won’t be as bad as you think (I am almost one full week into it).  Please read the rest of my post to hear me out on why I feel like this.  First, as you read this book you will receive a large amount of information behind how this diet was created and the science behind it, along with more information.

The plan in this book consists of four phases, even though the original plan only consisted of three phases.  Phase One has been added due to changes in the food processing industry since when the hCG diet was discovered.  Phase One is optional and not necessary.  My friend did not complete phase one.  I felt the need to do phase one for a little while.  I would actually like to do phase one longer, but looking at my calendar and knowing my son’s birthday is coming up at the end of April, I would like to be done phase two before his birthday.  I know you are saying get to it, tell me what you did.

What is Phase One:

In the book, you will find there are 60 items they want you to do, but they clearly tell you to only accomplish what you can.  Ideally doing all items are best.  Personally there is no way, I could have done everything on the list without being locked in a clinic and someone controlling everything for me.

Below is the list of items I did do for phase one, in list form.

  • Have a big breakfast (I typically ate one or two hard-boiled eggs with a little salt, a piece of toast and finished it off with an apple or a grapefruit)
  • Drink one-half to one gallon of water daily
  • Take 2 teaspoons of Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil (I used this like butter on my morning toast, it is very good. I was very surprised. Mike even really likes it)
  • Eat a minimum of two organic apples every day
  • Est a minimum of two organic grapefruits a day
  • Drink a minimum of one cup of green tea daily
  • Eat six times a day (this includes the snacks)
  • Eat dinner before 6 pm
  • Use Cinnamon (I put cinnamon on my toast with my coconut oil at breakfast)
  • Eat a Salad with Lunch and Dinner (do not use store-bought salad dressing, use olive oil and apple cider vinegar)
  • No trans fats
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Use natural sweeteners – you can use Stevia or Raw Organic Agave Nectar
  • No MSG
  • Limit carbonated drinks
  • Limit ice-cold drinks (I drank my water at room temp., not every one can do that, but don’t drink ice-cold water either)
  • No fast food
  • Get eight hours sleep
  • Drink at least one cup of Chamomile Tea daily
  • Eliminate/Reduce Candida Yeast Overgrowth (per the book Candida Yeast is the major cause of poor digestion, gas, bloating, constipation, allergies, hormonal imbalances, fatigue and food cravings. Particularly cravings for bread, pasta, cheese and sugar.  All of which I crave on a regular basis.)

I am sure it sounds like a long list, but trust me it was easy.  I was completely shocked how easy it was to accomplish this list.  I was extremely happy to find, I was able to loose 5 pounds in one week of completing phase one.  I originally planned to spend two weeks on phase one, but after being so excited about my progress, I wanted to move on to phase two.  I will be posting about phase two next week.  I would like to spend about two weeks on phase two prior to posting the plan.


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