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Tuesday begins a New Adventure

September 3, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 our household will begin a new adventure.  Mike and I officially become parents of two school kids.  Well it is only Kindergarten and 3 year old preschool, but they are both in school.  It is an odd feeling.  I am not one of those parents who think no way is my child old enough for school or the parent who is freaking out that I no longer have babies.  I am more than happy to know my kids are in school.  Please do not get me wrong I am missing them being babies, but thrilled to see who they are growing into and excited to see the adults they will become, when it is time, I am not rushing this part.

Alaina and Thomas may be attending school this year but they will be staying here at our house!  Thomas is being home schooled and Alaina will be “attending” PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS).   PALCS is a cyber school and I will post later more why we choose cyber school for Alaina.  We have Alaina’s work area almost 100% ready.  Mike has to hang some shelves to put her school books on, but once that is done, she will be 100% ready for school!!!

Here is a picture of her work zone!  By the way Alaina’s favorite color is purple.

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