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Thomas and Lyme Disease

August 5, 2011


Since late winter Thomas has been running fevers off and on. Nothing seriously high to cause concern but they came every 2-3 weeks. Fevers do not scare me since I understand they mean your body is fighting something. I was able to control the fevers with motrin as needed and the fevers would only last about 24 hours. Then two or three weeks later it would appear again. Not once did the fevers disturb his daily activities. Though not concerned, I did find it odd how they just kept reoccurring and I could not figure out the cause.

Then July came. We had a picnic on July 3rd and that evening Thomas had a fever of 103.9 and did not want to play with all the kids. Twenty four hours later he seemed normal again, yet I was concerned since that was the highest of his fevers and again no other visible sign of being ill.

About three to four days later, the next fever again over 103 degrees. And no visible signs of an illness.  Three or four days later another fever over 103 degrees.  Now I was starting to get concerned.  Top off the fevers I realized he was drinking all the time (and using the bathroom just as much).  And for the last week or two he was asking for me to rub his legs.

Honestly his legs hurting did not phase me, since my brother was about Thomas’s age when he was diagnosised with severe double jointness.  He would constantly complain about his legs hurting and the only solution was motrin and lots of activity.  I was positive that was the leg issue for Thomas.  Finally on July 22nd I felt it was time for the doctor. We scheduled and appointment for that Friday. 

Friday morning Thomas woke up with a rash that was ring like and all over his arm’s, leg’s and behind. It reminded me of ring worm.  Yet I know ring worm doesn’t get this bad that fast.  He was also extra sensitive to touch that morning.  You could barely touch him and he would complain of pain.  I was just thankful we already had an appointment scheduled. 

We arrived at the doctor’s and immediately the doctor knew what Thomas had. He was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  We still needed a blood test to confirm, but the doctor was positive it would confirm her diagnosis.   Thomas was prescribed antibiotics for thirty days.  From the doctors we had to go to the blood lab. Watching your three old have to give blood is difficult, it is worse than them geting shots.  Since it was Friday we had to wait til Tuesday to receive the results.

He began the antibiotics as soon as we got home and after two doses he was back to his old self.

We were informed that Thomas will always have Lyme disease and we need to be aware future potential flare ups.  We hope and pray they are minimal and far and few between or never again.

Our pediatrician said in 17 years of practice she typically has 1-2 cases a summer. This year Thomas was her 7th case in two weeks.  She said other doctors in the area are experiencing and increase in cases as well this summer.  She also believes he received his dear tick bite July 4th weekend yet no one remembers a tick bite on Thomas. 

Please keep and eye on your kids when they come in from outside. Lyme disease is not fun and can effect them for life.

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