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Fresh food all year round

August 2, 2011

It is the season to be canning and freezing food.  I have been freezing corn and string beans for many years but was limited to that due to working full-time and honestly not allowing me to take the time to do more.  This year I have decided I will be canning/freezing everything I can.  My goal is to stock our pantry and freezer for fresh food to eat all year round.  I will be working on posting my adventures this week and through out the summer/fall.  I have already posted about the Broccoli we grew in our garden and put up in our freezer.   The last couple of weeks I have frozen onions, string beans and carrots.  I have also canned salsa and dill pickles.

How do you decide how much to can and freeze?  I started thinking about it and realized I needed enough vegetables frozen for 5-6 meals a week.  That means 260-312 meals.  I prefer most of my vegetables frozen since they do not get soft and mushy from sitting in the liquid in the jars and they just plain taste more fresh to me.  I can also usually use one quart size freezer bag for per meal.  So that is 260-312 quart bags of vegetables.  Sounds like a lot right, but when you think about what all you will freeze it isn’t do bad.  I plan to have enough corn and string beans to eat at least once or twice a week, enough carrots for a change-up.  Broccoli is still undecided, but my goal is once a week as well.

Trust me I will be busy, but come winter when I can go grocery shopping in my basement and garage for most of my food, I will be thankful for all that I had accomplished this summer.  Tomorrow I will be posting my process with string beans.  YUM!

If you can or freeze food, please share what all you put up.  If you are new to this and interested in more info let me know and stick around to watch me learn this summer as well.

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