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Drastic Measures Update

July 27, 2011

At the beginning of July I posted about Drastic Measures Make Big Changes.  I thought now would be a good time to do a check up to give myself a reminder on the changes.  I then I decided I would then give an update to everyone.  What a great way to make me stay on track.

First: We will be staying home a lot more during the week.
Update: We have been a little better at this, yet I am not home as much as I prefer. I have seemed to be home at least 2 of the 3 days during the week I am not working.  We also still have to run to swim lessons two nights a week.  They are over August 10th, which will make one less requirement.
Plan for Improvement: Starting next week I will actually be babysitting a very handsome little 7 month old boy every Tuesday and Friday from 1:45 pm to 6 pm. This will most certainly force me to be at home more. It also leaves only Wednesday completely free at this time. My plan is to make that the day we only do a small play date with a friend or a day at the park.  Friday morning I will do my best to still do my groceries.

Second: A better daily routine with cleaning, cooking, homesteading, schooling and plainly just having fun family time.
Update: I have not done so well here. I did do well, until this morning with getting up around 6 am, doing the dishes, devotions and having my coffee. Yet I still have not gotten the laundry thing down.
Plan for Improvement: Starting Friday I will be working on getting caught up on laundry, which will hopefully lead to daily maintenance.

Third: Minimize television.
Update: We have done much better with this. I have been making a point to have the tv of a lot more. WOO HOO!
Plan for Improvement:  I will be continuing to do what we are doing.

Fourth: Blog more regularly.
Update: I feel like I have accomplished this and yet did not make my goal.
Plan for Improvement: Try and make this more important. Post every non working day, even if it is a simple picture of my life that day.

Fifth: Cook at home more and eat out only once every two weeks.
Update: We have done pretty well at this. We have knocked it down to once a week. And last night we really wanted pizza, instead of ordering pizza from the local pizzeria we made homemade french bread pizza. The only thing we had to go buy was the bread. We already had pizza sauce and cheese.
Plan for Improvement: Starting next week we will work on making it an every two-week thing. I can not start this weekend since it is my birthday on Sunday and I know my husband has some plans this weekend. I will be making homemade pizzas to allow us our weekly pizza craving.

Sixth: Is to make more and more from scratch.
Update: I am doing better here too. So far I have made homemade pickles.  I am going to be making salsa today/tonight as well. I am super excited. These are two things my family eats a lot of. I have also, as you already seen made the homemade instant oatmeal packs.
Plan for Improvement: I need to make do more research and create a list of foods I would like to make from scratch.

Seventh: Is to focus more on education and crafts here with the kids.
Update: Major Fail here. I have not been real good at this. I do not do well with crafts. I hate the clean up that comes with the crafts and that holds me back. I am working on this.
Plan for Improvement: I need to make a point and realize that the quality time is more important and deal with the clean up.

As you can see I have a lot of improvement, yet I have made some progress. Goals are meant to be something to work towards and are not always easy. Which is exactly what all these are.

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