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One little fish was to scared to get in the water!

July 13, 2011

Since becoming a mom I have been pretty lucky to have two amazing kids who pretty much do anything.  There is minimal things they do not like to do, until swim lessons!  Both kids were super excited knowing they would be going to swim lessons.  Yet I do believe they had no idea what was going to happen.  I think they expected to be just in a pool doing what ever their heart pleased.  As a parent you know that isn’t true and you try to explain to them and sadly they did not understand it.

Swim lessons begin beautifully.  They started with them doing some stretches and then having to wash their feet off in a shower.  I had to laugh since we are always telling Thom he is a little pokey when he walks.  He just really likes to observe things around him and he thinks things will happen in his time.  Perfect example, all the kids are in the shower and he is still about 50 ft away from the shower.

After their mini shower, they officially proceeded to the pool to sit along the edge.  All is good at this point.

They received the pool rules, no running, must go down the ladders backwards etc…  Then the lessons began.  Their teacher proceeds to pick the kids by using ‘My Mother’ and this randomly pick them.  And then fun began.  My kids were not picked first or second but Thom was already realizing he did not like the idea of swim lessons.

Once it was Thom’s turn he had a mini crying session.  I then proceeded over and told him he had one choice to make, either enjoy the lessons or cry through them.  For me swim lessons are necessary for safety and since I know my son LOVES to swim I know he will enjoy them once he can trust his teacher.  Thom’s choice was to fuss through the lesson, as much as I felt bad for him, I knew it was necessary.  In the picture it looks like he is enjoying himself, but trust me he wasn’t so much.

Alaina on the other hand LOVED IT!  She was a little nervous but she totally enjoyed herself, so much I could not get her out of the pool at the end.  I had to have the life guard tell her she had to get out.

Finally at the end of the lesson Thom decided he didn’t mind the lessons and did not want to leave.  What is really funny about this I was able to get a picture of him crying at the end for not wanting to leave, but not during his fit earlier.

The good news is we go back tonight for our next lesson, we will see how tonight goes.

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