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Couponing! YES it does work!

June 25, 2011

Many of you know I am big into couponing, even though I am not overly consistent or have the time to deal with them, I love coupons and the deals you can get.  I have made a deal  with myself to be more on top of my coupons and reap the rewards of this in my checkbook and my pantry etc….  I know a lot of people feel like coupons are a waste of time or cause you to buy things you wouldn’t normally buy.  Well I hope I can show you that you are wrong.

I find the best way to coupon is to so stockpile shopping.  NO you do not have to have an entire store in your house, but stockpiling allows you to use the coupon when the item is on sale at the lowest price.  You also have stop being brand loyal and try other brands, as well as realize sometime the generic can be just as good and actually cheaper.  Yet there are times the name brand when couponed correctly can be dirt cheap or free!

Yesterday I ventured out to several stores and I feel like I did well.  I have posted pictures and the break downs in the posts below.

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