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Laundry Full of Prayer

May 10, 2011

Have you ever felt like you don’t get enough time to pray for your family or at least for specifically for each person?  As a busy mom I have felt like that many times.  To be honest I feel like that prayer ends up being the last thing on my mind, which means it is the last thing I do.  Sadly that means was I crawl into bed I begin to pray for my family and most of the time I have fallen a sleep in the middle of my prayers.  Yes I do pray throughout the day but specific prayers for my children’s growth and for help as a mom to raise them as God intends.  Or prayers for my husband and what ever he needs prayer for at the time.

After praying for a couple of days of trying to figure out a way to help make prayer for my family more of a priority and part of daily life.  God gave me the answer and I believe it is a great idea (of course it is since it is from God).  I would like to call it ‘Laundry Full of Prayer’.  We all fold laundry and most of probably fold laundry almost daily right?  Everyone in the house has laundry so why not pray for the person you are folding laundry for.

For me this means I have to change how I do my laundry, instead of darks and whites being separated I will sort laundry by person.  As I fold that person’s laundry I will be praying the entire time for the person specifically.  How great is that?  I figure it takes 3-5 minutes to fold a basket for of laundry.  So that is 3-5 minutes of devoted prayer for that person.  As a busy mom that is amazing.  My kids might only make one load of laundry a week each but that still 3-5 minutes of prayer a week for them specifically.  That is more than I am doing now most weeks.  Then when it is time to fold something that the entire family uses like towels, pray for the family.  When I fold dish towels/cloths I will them pray for the food our family is going to eat on the dishes that will be washed and dried by those towels/cloths.  On sheet day pray for your family who will sleep on these sheets to have restful nights etc…

I also want to remind you that when you fold your own laundry make sure you pray for yourself.  That is important as well.  As a mom we tend to forget ourselves in life and put everyone else first, but if you do not take care of yourself you will be no good to your family!

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