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Fall Fun

November 4, 2013

Today, Alaina and Thom was able to enjoy some old fashion fall fun.

They enjoyed for a few hours raking and shoveling leaves.

Running and jumping into the pile or leaf fights.

It was a blast to watch them. It also called for pictures. Enjoy.











Leaf Study

October 21, 2013

Today we collected some beautiful early fall leaves and laminated them.  The kids had a blast with this today. We have left over leaves we will study tomorrow. IMG_5185





Outdoor Learning

October 14, 2013

We have been enjoying school outside lately. The beautiful fall weather has allowed us to get out side.

Nature Journalism

Nature Journalism

Love this little man.

Love this little man.

Loving this little lady.

Loving this little lady.

Look at that concentration on Math.

Look at that concentration on Math.

Love this simple picture. Thom has his daddy's hands.

Love this simple picture. Thom has his daddy’s hands.

School Pictures

October 3, 2013

In the last two months Alaina and Thom have had this amazing freedom to play outside. We all love it. They have this amazing adventure and imagination. They build deer traps, climb trees, make salads out of leaves. They are building this amazing friendship with each other. Our school year has been a bit rocky. I do not believe they want to be tied down to do school work. Alaina is in second grade and Thom is now a kindergartner.  Even with all they rockiness and the craziness we call life right now, I did manage to get some beautiful school pictures of our children. All I can say is I am loving my new camera. Praising God I have this amazing ability to capture the true beauty of our children.  Enjoy…IMG_4884 IMG_4891 IMG_4894 IMG_4896 IMG_4903 IMG_4944 IMG_5015 IMG_5023

IMG_5046 IMG_5053 IMG_5087 IMG_5094 IMG_5109

28 Days

July 5, 2013

It is amazing to think what can happen in 28 days. For our family the next 28 days will be complete chaos and life changing. Mike and I have always wanted a simplified life. A life of being debt free, more personal freedom, less material items, more God, more family time, less stress, more self-sufficiency . You know the simple life, the life from the old days. GUESS WHAT! It is about to become a reality. In 28 days we begin this life. HOW EXCITING!!!!! Here is the temporary problem. We have so much to do in the next 28 days it will be anything but simple.

Our next 28 days will look something like Mike becoming self-employed. Mike installing a bathroom, a kitchen, a new deck and steps, removing lath boards, insulating, dry walling, building two walls, spackling, painting running electric/plumbing etc… I will be spackling, painting, repairing plaster, packing an entire house, deciding what to down size, what should be sold, donated or thrown away, gardening, spending plenty of time with my kids to help this transition move, get the administration side of self-employment up and going, not to mention my normal household duties. Lastly, moving.

Though all this, Mike and I plan to make sure that we have quality family time. First of all this move is all about our family and what is best for us. More details of our move, the new place and our remodeling to come.

Strawberry Picking

June 21, 2013

Today we went strawberry picking. Normally we pick several times per season. Sadly, this year today was the first official picking. We picked 11.5 lbs of strawberries.




On the way to pick strawberries we get to pass beautiful windmills on top of mountains. The kids love them.



Some of my favorites

June 20, 2013

I have been busy taking pictures lately. Here are some of my favorites. 












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